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  Hounen Matsuri If easily offended, under 18 or just like to complain; don't click this link. March 30, 2009  
  Living In Japan When we first accepted the assignment to live in Japan our thoughts.... March 24, 2009  
  How To Drive In Snow Country I was reading about the local ski areas and found an interesting article.... March 02, 2009  
  Autumn Curiosity I suppose you have to live here to understand that there are only two.... February 11, 2009  
  To Blend or Not to Blend The most frequent question I am asked by friends and family is.... February 11, 2009  
  The Cycle of Rice If the odaiko is the heart beat of Japan; then rice must be the soul. October 24, 2008  
  A Night Out On The Town My eyes opened the next morning and I thought it all must have been.... October 16, 2008  
Welcome to Japan You never forget your first trip to Japan. August 6, 2008  
  Walking Through Woods While on a hiking/rambling exploration with Chas this past April.... August 5, 2008  
Baby Steps Christmas in Japan has taken on an unexpected meaning for us. August 5, 2008  
  Are You Keeping the Car Today ? "Are you keeping the car today?" Chas asked.  In most families with.... July 22, 2008  
  Japanese Bathrooms What is it about Japanese bathrooms?  Bath rooms may not be.... July 22, 2008  
  Western Invasion In late summer of 2007, Curt and I went to Japan to visit my.... March 27, 2008  
2008 Tokyo Marathon Lately I haven't been very dedicated to my running.  In fact as of the.... March 22, 2008  
  More Signs of Acculturation More signs; you know you have adjusted to Japan when.... January 7, 2008  
  Signs of Acculturation You know you have adjusted to Japan when.... January 7, 2008  
  The Neighborhood Service Station Damn!  Gas tank is almost empty and now I have to stop for gas. Nov 24, 2007  
  What Happened to Summer ? Where did those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer go? Nov 22, 2007  
  Sunday Drive This past Sunday I was finally able to take a drive in the mountains.... Nov 21, 2007  
  What's Your Heart Made Of ? Today, while driving and waiting for a traffic light to change I was.... Nov 19, 2007  
  Interstate Rest Stop Just recently I was in the U.S. on business so I took the opportunity to.... October 24, 2007  
  Respect Your Elders Have you ever forgotten something? Sept 21, 2007  
  Goodbye to a Friend A friend of mine died the other day.... Sept 19, 2007  
  The Gift As a little boy growing up in the late 1950s, before cable TV and.... August 15, 2007  
Things to do Around Koriyama Many of the local young people consider Koriyama to be "country' and.... August 7, 2007  
  Making New Friends During our trip to Nikko we stayed at a ryokan.  A ryokan is.... August 3, 2007  
  Here's Your Sign With my International Drivers Permit about to expire I knew I had to.... August 3, 2007  
Dinosaur Slide Last Sunday we took a daytrip to Iwaki.... June 28, 2007  
  What Would You Do? You are at the wheel of a car and want to travel from the parking lot.... June 14, 2007  
  The Hill of Youth I had decided that when the weather got better I would.... June 14, 2007  
  A Desert Rat Desert rat meets her match in a Japanese.... March 19, 2007  
Facing Your Fears I have said before that I like to draw as little attention to myself as.... March 14, 2007  
  Eleven Signs A Photo Essay  (Winter) Winter is still in Koriyama.... March 12, 2007  
  Eleven Signs A Photo Essay  (Spring) Having lived in Tucson for 14 years.... March 1, 2007  
  The Marathon With a population of over 12 million, or about 10 percent.... February 23, 2007  
The Bicycle Tire I have been riding bicycles, fixing flats.... Jan 31, 2007  
  Tokyo Marathon Race day is almost here.... Jan 31, 2007  
  Miyajima Over the Thanksgiving holiday.... Jan 30, 2007  
  Hiroshima We saw Hiroshima in the rain. Jan 30, 2007  
Fuzzy Logic When one thinks of cultural differences, several things may come to.... Jan 30, 2007  
  The Orchid Egg foo young on my face: It seems I.... Dec 28, 2006  
  The Night Before Christmas On Christmas Eve we found out that.... Dec 28, 2006  
  Kokeshi Confessions After having confessed his flying fish fiasco, Chas said I had to.... Dec 22, 2006  
  Flying Fish I have always tried to keep a low profile.... Dec 18, 2006  
  Solo  Today I soloed.  To Eddy and other.... December 9, 2006  
Learning to Bow The traditional Japanese greeting.... November 9, 2006  
  The Low Tech Toilet The Japanese toilet is a daunting.... November, 2006  
  A Lot Alike It isn't necessary to look very far to see.... November, 2006  
  Happiness I had gotten so use to my way of life.... October 27, 2006  
  Trash Talk Today I got the 2 hour Crash Trash Course.... October 27, 2006  
  Condensation If I were very Zen oriented, I would spend hours contemplating things. October, 2006  
  Trauma on a Train It never ceases to amaze me where technology goes. September, 2006  
  Business Class Amenities On one of my first trips to Japan I was traveling.... September, 2006  
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