We have had winds of 40 mph and a wind chill of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What Happened to Summer?
Where did those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer go?
Two new visitors. Click to see more.. Just last month I spied some interlopers in the back yard.   I went out to check and discovered one of them was a little aggressive and I think the other one was just waiting for me to get closer!  More....

Encouraged by the bright red leaves of our tree I decided to go for a Sunday drive in the mountains.

I must have brought the snow back with me for as quickly as rolling the mouse over the photo it was winter.

summer  then...winter
snow tires loaded

Everyone at work as been asking, "Are your snow tires on yet?"  So the snow tires are loaded and it's off to the Nissan dealer to have them put on.  And as if mocking me I had to move two bicycles from the shed to get to the snow tires.  I also had to move my electric pruning shears, that's what I use to cut the grass.

Most of the flowers we've planted are gone but the camellias are just beginning to bloom and will bring a little color and cheer to the winter time. One consolation of the cold weather is I don't have to cut the grass now. It only took about 10 minutes, 11 if I raked and bagged.  More.... Camellias.  Click to see more...