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Latitude  N 32° 19' 33"     Longitude  W 111° 00' 04"     Elevation  2381 ft.
The weather station in use is a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus.
Pages are updated every 15 minutes, the meteorological day ends at midnight.

conditions at 22:00 on 19 February 2018

   temperature: 47.4 °F    trend  -3.4 °F/hour
    high  68.7 °F  at  13:20
  low  46.5  °F  at  21:32
   temp history: 2018  highest  temperature 116.9 °F  at 15:23 on  20 June
  2018  lowest  temperature 28.4 °F  at 7:14 on 26 January
  all time  highest  temperature 116.9 °F  at 15:23 on 20 June 2017
  all time  lowest  temperature 28.4 °F  at 7:14 on 26 January 2017
   Apparent temp: 42.1 °F
   dew point: 38.5 °F
   humidity: 71%
   rainfall: today 0.01 in
  last 24 hours 0.01 in
  for February  1.39 in
  for year 1.73 in
  last rainfall 2018-02-19 21:26
    Consecutive days with rain 1
  Consecutive days without rain 0
   rainfall history: 2018  highest rain rate 9.29 in/hr  at 18:15 on 22 July
  all time  highest rain rate 9.29 in/hr  at 18:15 on 22 July 2017
  2018  highest daily rain 2.54 in  on 22 July
  all time  highest daily rain 2.54 in  on 22 July 2017
  2018  Longest wet period 7  days to 17 July
  all time   Longest wet period 7  days to 17 July 2017
  2018  Longest dry period 62  days to 10 July
  all time   Longest dry period 62  days to 10 July 2017
   wind: Light breeze  10° N  5 mph
  maximum gust 31 mph at 14:39
  dominant direction 198° SSW
   wind history: 2018  highest wind gust 46 mph  at 16:53 on 10 August
  all time highest wind gust 46 mph  at 16:53 on 10 August 2017
   sl pressure : 29.809 in  Rising Rapidly
   pressure history: 2018  lowest pressure 29.470 in  at 16:41 on 21 June
  all time lowest pressure 29.470 in  at 16:41 on 21 June 2017
   cloud base: 2030  ft  AGL
   sunrise: 07:02    dawn 06:38
   solar radiation: 0 W/m²
   UV index: 0.0
   hours of sunshine: 7.1
   sunset: 18:13    dusk  18:38   There will be 1min 53s more daylight tomorrow.
   moonrise: 09:25    Illumination  19%  Waxing Crescent.
   moonset: 22:00
Mostly cloudy and cooler. Windy with possible wind shift to the W, NW, or N.  
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Trend is the average rate of change over the last three hours. ((current temp) - (temp 3 hours ago))/3
All time refers to the time this station came on line and began to collect data. The date was  15 October 2016.
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Apparent temperature is the temperature equivalent perceived by humans, caused by the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed. In this case solar radiation is not considered. This station uses a formula from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
Beaufort scale is an empirical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or on land. The full name is Beaufort wind force scale, developed in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort, U.K. Royal Navy.
Beaufort Scale  Description Wind Speed (MPH) Appearance of Wind Effects On Land
0 Calm <1 Calm. Smoke rises vertically.
1 Light Air 1 - 3 Wind motion visible in smoke.
2 Light Breeze 4 - 7 Wind felt on exposed skin. Leaves rustle.
3 Gentle Breeze 8 - 12 Leaves and smaller twigs in constant motion.
4 Moderate Breeze 13 - 17 Dust and loose paper raised. Small branches begin to move.
5 Fresh Breeze 18 - 24 Branches of a moderate size move. Small trees begin to sway.
6 Strong Breeze 25 - 30 Large branches in motion. Whistling heard in overhead wires. Umbrella use becomes difficult. Empty plastic garbage cans tip over.
7 High Wind, Moderate Gale, Near Gale 31 - 38 Whole trees in motion. Effort needed to walk against the wind. Swaying of skyscrapers may be felt, especially by people on upper floors.
8 Gale, Fresh Gale 39 - 46 Some twigs broken from trees. Cars veer on road. Progress on foot is seriously impeded.
9 Strong Gale 47 - 54 Some branches break off trees, and some small trees blow over. Construction/temporary signs and barricades blow over. Damage to circus tents and canopies.
10 Storm, Whole Gale 55 - 63 Trees are broken off or uprooted, saplings bent and deformed. Poorly attached asphalt shingles and shingles in poor condition peel off roofs.
11 Violent Storm 64 - 72 Widespread damage to vegetation. Many roofing surfaces are damaged; asphalt tiles that have curled up and/or fractured due to age may break away completely.
12 Hurricane = >73 Very widespread damage to vegetation. Some windows may break; mobile homes and poorly constructed sheds and barns are damaged. Debris may be hurled about.
Wind speed is the 10 minute average.
Dominant direction, dominant winds are the trends in direction with the highest speed.
Sl pressure is the local barometric pressure adjusted to sea level.
Cloud base is calculated by ((temperature - dew point)/4.4) x 1000 and is in ft AGL.
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