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  2009 Tokyo Marathon The 2009 Tokyo Marathon was held on March 22 under cloudy ..... March 22, 2009  
  Hounen Matsuri If easily offended, under 18 or just like to complain; don't click this link. March 15, 2009  
  Origami Anyone? During one of Wendy's visits to Japan we were invited to... February, 2009  
  Farewell to Adatara On October 4, 2008, I hiked Adatara for probably the last time. October, 04 2008  
  Autumn Curiosity Photos from story 'Autumn Curiosity' Various times  
  Arizona Sunset Last December we were in Tucson, Arizona and witnessed.... December, 2008  
  A Snowy Day in Koriyama A recent snowy day in Koriyama. January 14, 2009  
  Enzo-ji and the Akabeko A well recognized craft from the Aizu region of Japan is the akabeko. November 2008  
  The Cycle of Rice If the odaiko is the heart beat of Japan; then rice must be the soul. October 24, 2008  
A Night Out On The Town Fall Festival and the main attraction is the Omikoshi o katsugu. Sept 29,2008  
  Back to Adatara I enjoyed the first trip so much, I thought I'd go back. Sept 23, 2008  
  Sumo in Otsuki Sports Park A popular place for baseball, picnics and sumo. September 7, 2008  
  Summer In Ose Koen                With summer gone I thought I'd look back at summer in Ose Koen. Summer of 2008  
  Festival The Odaiko is the heartbeat of the Japanese culture. July 1, 2008  
  Hiking Adatara From my first trip to Koriyama in 2003, I've always wanted to do this. May 18, 2008  
2008 Tokyo Marathon 2008 Tokyo Marathon. February 17, 2008  
  Goshiki-numa Ponds in Winter The air was still and the ponds calm.  The quiet was almost deafening. Dec 22, 2007  
  Running Route Some sights along one of my running routes. Dec 2 & 3, 2007  
  Jacelyn A few more photos of our precious granddaughter Jacelyn. Oct & Nov 2007  
  Our New Granddaughter Isn't she beautiful? October 8, 2007  
  Fuji san Climbing Mt. Fuji. Aug 11 & 12, 2007  
  Nikko Don't say keiko until you've seen Nikko!  Nikko is Nihon. Jun30-July 1, 2007  
  Hanami The cherry blossoms are spectacular. April, 2007  
  The First Day of Spring Spring arrived this morning at 9:07 JST. March 21, 2007  
  Snow Photos Our biggest snow of the year. March 14, 2007  
2007 Tokyo Marathon Tokyo Expo and Marathon. Feb 17-18, 2007  
  Hakone Daytrip to Hakone National Park. February 16, 2007  
  Santa's Visit What a wonderful Christmas it was for us. Dec 24, 2006  
  Sendai Sendai is about 40 minutes away by Shinkansen. December, 2006  
City Park in Hiroshima One of the many parks in Hiroshima. November, 2006  
  An Autumn Drive It was a beautiful day for a drive. November, 2006  
  Miyajima Fall Colors The fall colors were spectacular. November 2006  
Ose Park Ose Park is about 5km from our house. November, 2006  
  Where is Koriyama? We are always asked, "Where is Koriyama?"    
Asakusa Daytrip Day trip to Asakusa with our friend Mariko as guide. October, 2006  
  Kamakura Daytrip Day trip to Kamakura with our friend Mariko as guide. October, 2006  
  Crossing the Street Kindergarten students crossing a Koriyama intersection. July 2006  
  Hiking the Continental Divide Hiking in the Rocky Mountains. July, 2006  
  Grand Canyon Wedding Bobbie and Chas were married in Grand Canyon. June 5, 2006  
  B-17 Flying Fortress We rode in a Flying Fortress. February, 2006  
  Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Wendy and Chas hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim. October, 2005  
  San Carlos, Mexico We received our scuba certifications. Summer, 2004  
  Balloon Ride A Valentine gift from Bobbie. February, 2004  
Rim to Rim My first Grand Canyon rim to rim in one day and alone. May, 2003  
  Related? Chas and his oldest son Ben strike an impromptu pose. December, 2002  
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