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The Odaiko is the heart beat of the Japanese culture. Summer is full of festivals. The four day Uneme Matsuri began appropriately with 3 ½ hours of Odaiko. From age 3 to 83, one group of drummers after another thrilled and delighted us with their energetic performances.

Uneme were the beautiful court ladies of the Nara period. It is the biggest festival in Koriyama and is held in memory of an uneme who was unable to conquer her love.

Uneme Park (Yamanoi Park) is the birthplace of the Uneme Legend in Katahira Town. Princess Haru was Uneme for the Imperial Court, and her sad love story has been told from generation to generation. "Spring-water of Yamanoi" is said to be the place where the princess threw herself into the water.

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