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  Many of the local young people consider Koriyama and Fukushima prefecture "country". And it is. It certainly isn't the metropolis that Tokyo is. But many of the locals are proud of what the Fukushima area has to offer. On one recent taxi ride in Fukushima City the driver just gushed about his home. Looking back over the seat, waving with one hand and dodging the traffic with the other (I don't know how he could see the oncoming traffic, he never took his eyes off us) he told of the sights out there to see. The Bandai-Azuma Skyline Drive, Goshikinuma (five colored lakes), the orchards, to name a few. He went on and on. So with summer vacation here, I set out to see Fukushima. To the right is my list so far. There are many more places to see. For more information visit the links below. To see where I've been visit the links to the right.  


Koriyama City Symbol

    The Choshigataki Falls  
    Bandai San  
    Five Colored Lakes  
    Koriyama Eki  
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