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  What’s Your Heart Made Of?

Today while driving and waiting for a traffic light to change I was studying a small Japanese SUV in front of me. It had a spare tire mounted on the back and printed on the tire cover was “What’s your heart made of ?” “Wonder what that’s supposed to mean?” I mockingly asked out loud. Perhaps; do you enjoy the experience of off road driving or maybe you're into the thrill of a high performance sports car on tight mountain curves?  Humph!

The light changed and thinking more about it maybe it's asking, if you’re weary do have the strength to continue?

Stopped at the next light I’m now thinking; if you see someone in need will you help? If you have, will you give to those who have not?

By the next light I’m convinced it’s asking me if faced with a decision will I make the right choice?  What is the right choice?

The whole thing reminded me of a conversation I had overheard somewhere, sometime between a mother and her two small boys. The older boy was maybe 10 or 12 and the younger one was no more than one or two years younger. I didn’t hear their names so I’ll refer to the older one as Paul and the younger one as George. From what I could determine mom had given Paul some money so the boys could go to the movies for the afternoon:

“Did you boys have a good time at the movies?”

Both boys enthusiastically replied in the affirmative.

"No fighting?"

"No mom."

“Was the movie good?”

Again there was an enthusiastic yes.

“Did you have enough money?”

There was silence for a moment and finally Paul says, “No.” He continued with, “I bought our tickets and I bought us both a pop but there wasn’t enough money left to buy George any popcorn.”

“Did you buy some popcorn for yourself Paul?”


“So Paul, what about George?”

A surprised Paul replied, “Mom, I shared mine with George!”

My first thought was why he hadn’t said I bought popcorn for George and then there wasn’t enough money for me. What does this say about Paul? But then does it really matter if was Paul that shared or George that shared, or whose popcorn it was anyway? Popcorn had been bought and both boys had popcorn. Paul had been the one in charge and surely, based on his youthful experience, he had done the right thing. If his response to his mother had been different would not the only thing that changed been my perception?  Then I wondered why I care and what this says about me.

Without my noticing somewhere along the way the SUV turned down a side street and drove away leaving me thinking about a question printed on a spare tire cover.  I think it was asking, "Do you ever wonder what your heart is made of?"