I found out that it’s the simple things that make me happy.

I had gotten so use to my way of life.  I would carry just enough money in my pocket so as not to be arrested for vagrancy.  Every place would take my debit card.  Gas, groceries almost anything could be paid for just by producing that little piece of plastic.  Everyone told us that Japan is still mostly a cash society and especially in Koriyama credit cards probably would not be widely accepted.  So I set off from the U.S. with $1500 U.S. dollars in my pocket to exchange into yen, hoping it would last until I could find an ATM, daring to hope the ATM would also have an ‘English button’. 

For the first couple of days my friend took us to every ATM he knew about but the machines spoke only Japanese and each would spit my cards back at me, it seemed, in disgust. I visited the web sites for my Visa card and my AMEX card and discovered there should be ATMs in Koriyama that will accept either card, but where are they?  I’m supposed to look for

One Sunday morning I went for a walk to contemplate what to do when my cash runs out.  In what I would say was a serendipitous moment I stopped and looked up. And I saw emblem  

Dashing inside I saw four gleaming ATMs all with little buttons that had “English” printed on them.  I must be dreaming. I withdrew some cash and continued my walk.  Ahhhh, the future looks bright.  Now I see emblem in a lot of places.  Every time I see one I smile and feel very happy.  - Chas