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Interstate Rest Stop
Just recently I was in the U.S. on business so I took the opportunity to go to North Carolina and see my brand new granddaughter; Jacelyn (isn't she beautiful).   My mother, who lives in Virginia, was anxious to see her too, after all it’s her first great grand child and since all of her grandchildren are boys she was delighted the great grand baby was a girl.  It’s about a three hour drive from her house to Jacelyn’s so we started early.  After about an hour we stopped at a rest stop along I-81.  The men’s room was closed and a hand written cardboard sign indicating “MEN” was taped across the sign of the women’s rest room door.  Double checking I looked around and saw another rest room for women so I went on in the temporary men’s room.  Clearly this was normally the women’s facilities because there was no sign of a single urinal, only stall after stall.  I picked one that had the toilet seat up, clearly an indication that a man had visited, and went in.  I didn’t bother to close the stall door since this was now ‘men’s territory’ so I stood there and started.  No sooner had I begun when the rest room door opened and to my astonishment I heard the giggles of young teenage girls, jabbering and laughing and approaching my stall.  I can’t close the stall door now because I’m standing in the way and I can’t move because there's no room and I’ve already started to go so I just stood there looking straight ahead acting as normal as possible.  Maybe they won’t notice.  They rounded the corner and stopped giggling. At least they're not screaming as they rapidly moved by me to stalls farther down.  I heard three stall doors slam shut and the giggling starting again. 
I guess they're okay with me in here but I finished quickly and left.  Maybe I had gone into the wrong rest room; it's very early in the morning and maybe I wasn't paying attention.  So, as I passed through the doorway on my way out I looked back over my shoulder and to my discomfort saw the cardboard sign was gone.  Was I the victim of some sort of prank?  There on the ground several feet away having fallen from the door was the temporary sign. The girls had entered after the sign had dropped from the door; victims of lousy tape.  While the girls were still inside the custodian retrieved the sign and reapplied it to the door.  Hoping they wouldn't recognize me I waited nearby to watch the girls’ reactions when they exited.  They too looked back at the door and when they saw the sign posted there all three acted a little embarrassed and giggled nonstop all the way back to their car.  I hope it wasn't me they were laughing about.